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Amy Herbst
via Google

PRO Martial Arts and Kara, Damien, and David have been life changing for our son!! He has learned so much in all areas of his life from them! He had sensory challenges and karate has definitely helped with this. Karate used so many muscle groups that help give extra stimulation. His confidence and resilience are amazing due to this. He is rewarded for hard work and at 8 understands that if you work hard you can accomplish anything. These are life lessons we couldn't have taught him alone! In a different sport he was practicing up a level at a very hard practice. He said his muscles hurt so bad but he said I don't give up on things anymore! What an amazing quality!!! The instructors are amazing, resourceful, and like family! They figured out streaming karate classes on Zoom within a few days of quarantine! They SAVED us!!! Our son did 6 classes a week during quarantine on Zoom. This gave him exercise, normalcy, a chance to see others- it was AMAZING!!! I can't say enough how amazing our experience has been, I would recommend PMA to ANYONE!!!!

Janet McGuire
via Google

I continue to be so grateful for the help and guidance Pro Martial Arts has helped my son grow into who he is today. He has been a student since 3rd grade and is now a 10th grader working on his 2nd degree Blackbelt. We are especially thankful for the character education he has received from being a part of this awesome program!

Ashley Ba
via Google

Yes, They have been a key part of my son growth with using manners and helping around the house even when not asked to. He loves going to class and he is always practicing kicks and blocks around the house. If you are thinking about putting you kids in this program then the look is over they are great with bringing discipline to kids everyday life even outside of the dojo.

Chris Taylor
via Google

I was looking forward a martial arts program after my daughter decided to take a break from high school sports and found an amazing place at PMA. Kara guided us through the teen program details which was a great fit for her- the location, the multitude of time options and the chance to meet new friends while gaining strength and confidence. Every question answered and went the extra mile to make her feel comfortable with encouragement along the way. Great option for teens looking to build discipline and self esteem. Best decision for her!!!

Charles Slater
via Google

Our son had great success in the little rhinos program developing discipline and focus.

Gwen Roemer
via Google

We started at PRO Martial Arts-Kenwood in the fall of 2020. Our son started in their Little Rhinos program. He loved coming so much that his older brother joined him when he moved to the white belt classes. It's such a great place--the instructors are awesome and easy to communicate with. I would highly recommend PRO Martial Arts to anyone looking for an activity for their children. It's teaching them hard work, discipline and patience. They also love working towards their new belts.

Amber Newton
via Google

We started this as a 2 week special and have been apart of the PMA family for 4 months now. This has been the most positive experience for my son and our family. They really take the time to get to know each family and the child. Landon has had a major improvement in his manners, positive thinking and his helpfulness around the house. Thank you so much PMA for being such an amazing gift to us!

via Google

My son cries when he has to play ball sports. He’s skinny, introverted, and a couch potato. I’ve been looking for something that would get him moving without tears! This was everything I wanted for my 7 yrs old and more! He absolutely loves it and looks forward to going! It’s teaching him respect, discipline, self-defense and so much more!

Roohi Kharofa
via Google

We have been a part of Master Hannah's Pro Martial Arts for almost a year now. We have loved every minute! Our son is excited to go to class, to learn new skills and to reach the goals associated with belt testing. The program teaches kids about respect and self-discipline. Master Hannah is very easy to communicate with, as is the rest off the team! We couldn't be happier with Master Hannah's Pro Martial Arts! 10/10!

Harman Kaur
via Google

My son loves his instructors at Pro Martial. They definitely go above and beyond the call of duty to train kids. We have been going there for more than a year and we only have good things to say about PMA. My son made good friends at this dojo and he looks forward to go train every day. My son has learned values along with self-defense skills. PMA made him very independent and focused. This is the place to go if you want your kids to learn motivational life skills along with martial art techniques.

Laith Alfaqih
via Google

This space and review does not give enough justice to Ms. Kara, Mr. Damien and the PRO Martial Arts-Kenwood family. I call them family because they are very supportive and work together to benefit the kids who are attending the classes. My son, Sami, joined the group in 2014. He is a preemie, so he is smaller than his peers, and he was starting to catch up with them. My wife and I decided to join PRO Martial Arts Kenwood to give him a boost of confidence, work on his motor skills, have discipline and respect, and get stronger. I remember when Sami started he could barely jump and do many of the exercises that other kids were doing. After 2 years being there, Ms. Kara and Mr. Damien worked with Sami. He finished all the stripped belts and now he is in the solid belts phase. He has discipline, respect, strength, etc. I highly recommend joining PRO Martial Arts Kenwood. Great people, great program, great family, and very beneficial to your kids.

Shannon Hall
via Google

I have two sons that attend Pro Martial Arts. My oldest has been in attendance since the opening three years ago. With the assistance of Mr. Damien and Ms. Kara, he has found his voice. He is confident in his abilities AND the abilities of his peers. He is capable of standing up for himself and those who need help. He is focused on his training to be a black belt but the training he has received in life, is irreplaceable. I am thankful for the dedication and support from the staff at PMA. My four year old is now ready to enter preschool this year because he's spent the last few months practicing mind, body and eye focus. PMA is so much more than just "karate".

Maggie Rossman-Roach
via Google

We have been very impressed with Pro Martial Arts - Kenwood. The instructors are fantastic! They are very dedicated, patient and make each class challenging but also fun for the students. We've seen a huge increase in the confidence and leadership skills of our children in the 3 years we've been with Pro Martial Arts and would highly recommend it to anyone interested.

Helen Buse
via Google

My two girls have been going to this dojo for more than a year. I really like their curriculum and the way the instructors approach teaching it. Every class is different, so things are never repetitive. There is a lot of fun and encouragement. My girls enjoy PMA and it’s because of the positive instructors at this dojo. They are great at getting the kids to put in that extra effort all the while making them smile and have a good positive experience!

Melissa Previtera
via Google

My husband and two sons have been part of the family class for about the last six months and they absolutely love it! They are eager to go to class, to learn and to improve. This is the first extracurricular activity that has really captured their attention. On top of that Master Damien, Ms. Kara and Mr. David are great teachers!

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