September 19th, 2021
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William Merten Orange Belt 1. What do you enjoy most about Karate classes? I enjoy learning new things during class at Pro Martial arts. I enjoy learning Korean words and working on my kicks, punches and blocks. I really like the high block. 2. What are your goals in Karate? My goal is to keep progressing with his belts and to get better with his form. I want to get to black belt eventually. 3. How will you achieve those goals? Focus in class and practice at home. 4. How has Karate helped you in your daily life? I feel like I am helping out more around the house each day. My mom says that I am getting better with coordination and overall strength.
Echevarria Family We have the BEST families here at Master Hannah's Pro Martial Arts! Check out the wonderful Echevarria family below: 1. How did you originally hear about PRO Martial Arts? We live in the area and had stopped to watch class on occasion. A friend had also been a student and had lots of positive things to say, so when Wyatt showed interest, it seemed like a good fit. 2. How long has your child/children/you been attending PRO Martial Arts 🥋 ? For almost two and a half years, since May 2019. Wyatt started out as a little Rhino (Tiger?)! 3. What is your child's favorite part of class? Pumsay (sp?), doings my forms and one step sparring. 4. What do you love most about their class/classes? Kicking/punching the targets and learning new moves. 5. How has PMA changed or impacted your child's life? It has shown him the value of discipline, respect and working hard to reach his goals. 6. Fun fact about your child/family? Wyatt has travelled to 10 different states.