June 12th, 2021
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Parents- come check out TRIBE- individualized group personal training- see Mr. Damien for more information
Ben Rusche Blue Belt 1. What do you enjoy most about Karate classes? Learning new kicks. 2. What are your goals in Karate? To reach black belt. 3. How will you achieve those goals? Practicing. 4. How has Karate helped you in your daily life? I know how to protect myself.
Newton Family We have the BEST families here at Master Hannah's Pro Martial Arts! Check out our June family spotlight on the Newton family below: 1. How did you originally hear about Pro Martial Arts? 1. We were searching for a dojo for Landon to attend karate and we saw pro martial arts. It had amazing reviews and we did the two week special which turned into us becoming a permanent pro martial arts family. 2. How long has your child/children/you been attending Pro Martial Arts 🥋 ? Landon has been attending for 4 months. 3. What is your child's favorite part of class? Landon’s favorite part of class is learning new kicks. He has also enjoyed the mat talks and learning a new language. 4. What do you love most about their class/classes? We enjoy watching Landon try new things and work hard to get better at his skills. This is something that he really works hard at and wants to excel in. 5. How has PMA changed or impacted your child's life? Landon has always had a hard time with “team sports” but he has really put his all into karate. He has been more involved at home, follows directions better and has been really trying his hardest. We have noticed a tremendous difference in his attitude and I couldn’t be happier that he has found something he truly enjoys. 6. Fun fact about your child/family? Landon’s favorite animal is a Zebra. For our family, we go to Siesta Key every year for a family vacation and we love to cruise!
June 12, 2021
Bring your Dad with you to class on Saturday, June 19th where we will have a fun partner style class with your Dad. Special gift for all Dad’s who attend! Limited spaces available- you must pre-register. Registration will close Wednesday, June 16th.
**NOTE- you will still need to reserve the current PMA student a spot in their normal Saturday class time this only fills out a waiver for your Dad to participate with you**