January 28th, 2022
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Iris Liu Camo Yellow Stripe Belt 1. What do you enjoy most about classes at Pro Martial Arts? I like kicking the most. 2. What are your goals at Pro Martial Arts? To achieve higher belt levels. 3. How will you achieve those goals? Keep up the hard work. 4. How has Pro Martial Arts helped you in your daily life? Keep me active and healthy.
Liu Family We have the BEST families here at Master Hannah's Pro Martial Arts! Check out the wonderful Liu family below: 1. How did you originally hear about PRO Martial Arts? We saw someone wearing the suit at the Trader Joe nearby and then asked them about it. 2. How long has your child/children/you been attending PRO Martial Arts 🥋 ? We have attended the PRO Martial Arts for about four months. 3. What is you/your child's favorite part of class? Sophia: stretching Charles: front snap kick 4. What do you love most about your class/classes? I (Dad) love the actual combat part and had a lot of fun about it. 5. How has PMA changed or impacted you/your child's life? Charles began to actively search for some services to do at home. They are often doing some karate kick and punch randomly everyday at home now :) 6. Fun fact about your child/family? Four of us were born at four totally different places with a sum of the distance of more than 15,700 miles in total.
Kathryn Vincent Advanced Red Belt Congratulations to Kathryn on being selected as our 2021 student of the year!